Imagine being out in the wild for a few days. Not alone, but alone enough to feel the need for self-dependence; the need for survival! At the HIMALAYA OFF-GRID CAMP, we offer you the chance to experience what you have seen only in the movies! From trekking to and finding a location, pitching a tent and sleeping in it out in the wild to crossing rivers on a cord and wading through waters where dry-ground runs out, to barbequing and cooking a meal while being constantly surrounded by the sounds and smells of the deep Himalayan mountain forests; it’s all part of getting through the day and to the next. It’s all about making your way back home! Come. Join us in an adventure you KNOW you want to be a part of! The opportunity is knocking; it’s up to you now to take it!

About US

We are a husband and wife team, Mark and Sandy. Our love: Nature! Our passion: Spending time in the wild. Seeing the concept of tent-accommodation in our neck of the wood somewhat disheartened us at first, but soon we were able to use this as encouragement towards giving our guests a ‘better’ and more ‘real’ experience of spending a holiday in a tent. To us, if a tent resembles a hotel room with all its room-service and other frills, it’s not a tent anymore! It’s a hotel room with canvas walls!!! If you want ‘CAMPING’, contact us! Go through our photo gallery to know more of what we offer

Adventure for the Novice
Worth It !!

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The idea is to learn about nature, survival and have fun while doing so. Since learning is infinite why limit learning opportunities. While we offer 3 basic packages and a '4-DAY TRIAL SURVIVAL COURSE' for the weary, we welcome you to discuss with us and design a customised package just for you...
7-Day Basic Survival Course
10-Day Intermediate Survival Course
14-Day Advanced Survival Course
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Meet the people that are going to help take you to the another level.
Mark Palmer
Mark Palmer

Co-Owner & Founder

Creative, detail-oriented, always focused. and funny like hell!!

Casandra Palmer
Casandra Palmer


Curious, a go-getter and is serious when it comes to work.

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